The most beautiful things
in life are not things.

They’re people

I believe we are the things we love.

So I am made of moments spent in the sea, traveling, being with my dogs and enjoying the beauty of Greece.

Moreover I really love what I do. I don’t mean only wedding photography itself. There is more to that.

It is the people I get acquainted with, the feelings and emotions I experience when families and friends get together to celebrate love. It is those moments there are no words for and the stories they generate.

Nefeli was our photographer during our wedding at Samos island for two days.

With her excellent taste and artistic nature,she was able to capture all the moments from our wedding effortlessly.

All of her photos match the theme of the island wedding perfectly, creating a unique atmosphere which we can always revisit through the photo album!

We would strongly recommend her work to anyone without doubt!

We just let her improvise, trusting her talent and artistic style.

We did not have to worry about anything…We knew she would not miss a single moment. So discreet an artist!

The result is there bringing back all those unique moments of our wedding day. To do so, a full photography session by a competent artist is a must.